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Parent Leadership Training Institute of Natrona

Who We Are

The Parent Leadership Training Institute enables parents to become leading advocates for
children. Parents’ opinions are often unheard. They lack advocacy skills, but not the motivation
and will to change their children’s lives. The PLTI teaches parents, who wish to improve the
lifelong health, safety and learning of children, how to become practiced change agents for the
next generation.
Parents define the curriculum and participate in its evaluation and outcomes. Family supports,
such as child care, are included. Each class of parents mentors the next class, creating a pyramid
effect of community caring and developing a coalition of parent leaders.

What We Do

Parent Leadership Institute of Natrona

In 1992 The Connecticut Commission on Children worked collaboratively with the American
Leadership Forum and Leadership Greater Hartford to design the Parent Leadership Training
Institute (PLTI)SM as a result of information garnered from statewide parent focus groups.


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